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I'm a lifelong Bengals fan, born and raised in the Cincy area. My dad was at the first Bengals practices at Nippert while he was a student at UC. My first Bengals memories are from one of my favorite QB's of all time, Jeff Blake. That man had one hell of a deep ball.

My background is in finance and data science, and the goal of this website is to connect with other NFL fans and to share as much interesting NFL-related (Bengals-centric) original content as possible.

Pretty much all NFL data comes from nflfastR. Most research posted here is the result of code I write in R that analyzes play-by-play level NFL data by joining various publicly available data sources to get the necessary data for each visualization. Some of the analysis is done using Python, and to create this site I used HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Feel free to reach out using the contact form. Note that the contact form uses Google forms so it is going to display your email address if you're currently logged in to your Google account.