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Q: What is EPA?

EPA stands for Expected Points Added. In 1971, Former Bengals QB Robert Machol co-published research that established the relationship between the distance to the endzone and expected points. Expected Points Added subtracts the Expected Points at the end of a play from the Expected Points at the start of the play.

Q: What is CPOE?

CPOE stands for Completion Percentage Over Expected. This metric uses a different model from EPA to generate the liklihood that a pass is completed. CPOE measures how much over/under a QB's completion percentage is when compared to the expected completion percentage.

Q: That logo looks familiar, where is it from?

I made the logo back in 2015 while working in a cubicle, using MS Paint, rather than doing my job. Uploaded it to imgur and shared it on reddit where it took on a life of its own for a number of years, often referred to as "Derpy Bengal" or "Who Derr".